I've lost several adult birds (4 out of a flock of 50)since fall to what I assume is coccidiosis. They get lethargic and just waste away - won't eat or drink.

I got chicks again this year. I generally do not feed medicated feed but I do segregate them from the rest of the flock. The first batch of chicks is about 5 weeks old. They are now in their own small coop in the barn. The second batch is 2 weeks old. They are in the house.

Today I found one of the older chicks displaying the same symptoms as the hens which died this year. I have taken her away from the rest of the chicks.

My questions: Is it too late to start feeding all the healthy chicks medicated feed?

If I can get Sulumet locally, can I treat a 5 week old bird? Is Sulumet ever used prophylactically?

I posted to "ER" rather than "Health" because I want to do whatever I can quickly in hopes of not having this spread to the other chicks. Guess it's time to disinfect the barn ...

Is it too