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#87824 - 06/22/05 12:13 PM Lethargic Chick!
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Iím not sure what is wrong, if anything but hereís the symptoms: Bea is 46 day old Leghorn. Yesterday I noticed she was just standing around instead of free ranging with her 2 hatch mates.

I was able to grab her and inspect her body but found no evidence of a scrap with a cat or anything. There was what looked like a bruise on the side of her head but no swelling. When I put her back in the coop she seemed a bit unsteady on her feet but then hunched down and went to sleep with the others.

She eats Chick Starter and drinks but not nearly as much as the other 2. My older hens chase all the chicks away from choice food but so far have not inflicted any wounds.

Could this be Marek's Disease? If so, what do I do about the other chicks and hens? None have been vaccinated and all live in a dirt floor dog kennel.

The only thing I have done different in the last few days is to dust the dirt and perches with carbaryl. Could this be the problem?


#87825 - 06/22/05 08:27 PM Re: Lethargic Chick!
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I believe it might be! I did a powerpoint over the effects of carbaryl for my senior assignment. The drug/insect repellent can kill animals that inhale or eat it...give her plenty of fluids and only medicated chick feed. Do not water down the pen as it will only seep up later when rain comes down onto the ground. You may want to separate her from the others as she will not be as fast to keep away from pecking. Make sure she does not eat or inhale any more of the powder and she should be fine! Make sure you give her plenty of fluids!

#87826 - 06/23/05 09:29 AM Re: Lethargic Chick!
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I put Bea in a seperate coop with plenty of chick feed and water last night. I also gave her a scrambled egg which she ate some of. It's almost as if she is slightly blind as she must look hard at something to see that it is food.

This morning she was more alert and wondering why she was alone and the rest were out free ranging!

I checked her droppings and they were normal looking, firm and not watery.

#87827 - 06/23/05 03:41 PM Re: Lethargic Chick!
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In the future do not use biocides around young animals. The nervous system of a young animal is highly suseptible to the biocide. What will not harm an older bird will kill a young bird. Chicks are so very small and a very small amount can be bad news. Carbaryl or Sevin is a cholinesterase inhibitor. In short the nerves of the chick can not fire causing problems with the central nervous sytem.

Tim Adkerson


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