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#8791 - 03/10/07 04:32 PM Normal or strange??
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I know spring is coming upon us quickly, but I have noticed a behavior in BOTH my roosters that I have not witnessed before...they will just sit in the middle of the yard. Our younger rooster sat with my husband and I while we were doing some stuff in the yard, a good 20 minutes, then got up. Pulled in the driveway, and the older rooster was sitting in the middle of the yard by himself. Today, the younger one was again, simply sitting by himself.
Any thoughts??


#8792 - 03/10/07 06:50 PM Re: Normal or strange??
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Anything is normal for chickens. They are all individuals, interesting, sometimes entertaining, and always require our attention for "something"! CJR

#8793 - 03/10/07 10:02 PM Re: Normal or strange??
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Good Morning,

Hmmm, sounds strange;-) Jean is right, he needs your attention.

Normally birds that "sit around" for no reason (like sunbathing for example) have a problem. Have you noticed any other "symtoms" yet? We noticed that birds that sit around much often tend to get lice/mites because they build up "heat" under them for the tiny parasites to spread. Our active birds seldom have lice/mites.

Or mabye he has eaten something wrong? You said both of them, strange...

Sorry to be of no better help and best greetings,


#8794 - 03/11/07 04:46 AM Re: Normal or strange??

no guys you got it wrong.

It is breeding season. in the wild they do this. it is called "Keeping an Eye out" for other roosters . they somtimes take turns. normally. the dominat rooster assignes the younger one. but in respect. they take turns. Funny huh?

It is the beginning of the year....that is what only noticed it this year probally cus you didnt think anything of it last year. only the most observent notice it.

#8795 - 03/11/07 09:30 AM Re: Normal or strange??
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1st time I've ever had 2 roosters smile
I'll keep an eye on them just to be sure nothing is going on. Other then that, I will just sit back and enjoy the wonderful world of chickens!!!
Thanks guys!


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