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#87993 - 06/12/05 10:49 AM Massive puncture wound after dog attack

Hey all, maybe you can offer me some advice. We just went thru the second massive dog attack on our poultry in a couple of months. The first attack took 6 chickens. None eaten, just killed and left. We put out a large dog trap and nothing... Until last night. I was doing my normal feeding rounds and found one carcass of a half grown muscovy hen. Killed but not torn up or eaten. Up in our back yard my husband found just the neck and head of another hen duck. One is totally missing and another was in a neighbors pond. I knew she was injured but I didn't know to what extent until we caught her. She has a massive puncture wound in the breast and two smaller wounds close to it. I brought her in and treated the wounds with saline solution then smeared the deep wound with a tar medication for horses. Now all I can do is watch her closely. Does anyone have any advice for this situation?

#87994 - 06/12/05 01:24 PM Re: Massive puncture wound after dog attack
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massive? can you clean it out and sew it up? how is the bird doing?

sounds like a dog, some kind of retriever...lab, chesapeake... are the attacks at night? do you have prints?

1- fence your yard.
2- tell your neighbors you will shoot thier dog if it is chasing your birds.
3-contact police/sheriff/animal control/fish and game, and make a report.
4- take care of your survivor.

#87995 - 06/12/05 04:06 PM Re: Massive puncture wound after dog attack

It sounds as though you have cleaned up her wounds well. Keep her calm and warm and make sure she's getting fluids. Maybe put some V+E in the water. Keep the wounds clean and let them scab. Some seeping from the wounds is normal, just clean it from her feathers if it doesn't upset her too much. You can use antibacterial ointment if you have it, just once or twice. Don't use hydrogen peroxide. Her body should be able to heal if she's not too stressed, you just want to take care to minimize the chance of infection. I'd keep her isolated where she can rest and heal. I had a hen with are large puncture wound on the back of her neck and I didn't think she would live, but she's just fine now after a week or so of rest and nursing. Birds are amazing. Sorry to hear about your loss. Mr magoo has some good suggestions on preventing this from happening again. It's really devastating to lose animals to predators. Good luck with your bird.

#87996 - 06/12/05 04:21 PM Re: Massive puncture wound after dog attack

Hey, thank you both for your input. I do have a fenced yard (double in the front). I have scoped out the dogs in the neighborhood but don't have any evidence as to which direction it's coming from. I've contacted animal control (hence the full size trap) and the sherriff's department. I have all legal rights to shoot the dog if I find it in my yard. Unfortunately there are no traces or tracks and lately it's been storming about two or three times a day. I have considered getting a Marremma sheepdog, but I don't know how my young emus would like that. Also, my emus are for protection but at this point they are still possible prey items as well because they are so young.

As for my hen, she's doing well. I have her in a huge plastic dog crate in our 'back' room. She has privacy, fresh food and water, and warmth. She seems to be doing well at this point, as she displays and hisses at me if I open the front and isn't acting lethargic at all. When I caught her this morning she just sat in my arms. Now however, she fights hopefully that means she's feeling ok.

#87997 - 06/16/05 09:15 PM Re: Massive puncture wound after dog attack
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Do not cover a puncture wound, you want the wound to drain. I would continue to irrigate the wound. If bacteria get trapped in the wound the duck will get a massive infection and die. Try to keeep the wound open. It may take a while for the infection to build and then she will fail quickly. I have had dog attacks in the past. treat the open wounds but do not close up the puncture wounds.

My two cents

Tim Adkerson

#87998 - 06/16/05 09:57 PM Re: Massive puncture wound after dog attack
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An initial injection of antibiotic is warranted with deep puncture wounds, with oral antibiotics for a time afterwards. Amoxycillin is one used orally, and as Tadkerson says, do not let a deep wound close quickly as it must heal from the inside to avoid massive infection that will indeed kill the bird. Any animal bite falls under this guideline. Good luck, CJR


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