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#88003 - 06/20/07 08:46 AM Stitching up a chicken????

A raccoon got one of our little ones through the fence last night. It looks like the little raccoon hand grabbed ahold of her chest and ripped about a tennis ball sized piece of skin/feathers completely off the hen. Has anyone had luck with stitching up such a wound and the hen actually surviving?

#88004 - 06/20/07 10:27 AM Re: Stitching up a chicken????
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If the injury "closes" when the hen makes certain moves I would not stitch it at all. We had 1 hen, Lisa, ripped open by a 5-year-old roosterīs spur and her flesh was actually cut so that it parted (and we could see inside her) when the hen moved. We drove her to the vet and at his advise we didnīt stitch her. Lisa recovered fully in a surprisingly short time. Donīt want to make you wrong hope, but if itīs "only" skin thatīs missing I would say sheīll recover. All we had to do was seperate Lisa and make sure her wound didnīt get infected. Seperation was easy for us, we put Lisa to the Bantam-flock: the tiny roosters didnīt mate her because Lisa is an old, experienced and rather self-confident Brahma hen;-)

Best Luck,


#88005 - 06/20/07 04:18 PM Re: Stitching up a chicken????
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You could coat the injury with some warm honey to prevent infection, if you like. it doesn't sting and does help it heal.

#88006 - 06/20/07 06:15 PM Re: Stitching up a chicken????
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Yikes! I've always heard that chicken skin is really too delicate to stitch and it will just tear open.

I hope she makes it!

#88007 - 06/23/07 08:46 PM Re: Stitching up a chicken????
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In my opinion, chicken skin is so thin that if you tried to stitch it up, it would tear very easily. I would only try to stitch if it's a very large cut, or a deep one where some closure is needed.

If the wound doesn't appear to be that "major", I think applying warm honey (yes, it does work) and maybe a light dressing will suffice.

Good luck with her!


#88008 - 06/25/07 06:18 AM Re: Stitching up a chicken????
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We have had 2 chickens that have had large wounds on their sides. One was from the rooster and one from a dog attack. They will heal. You will be surprise how quickly. I tried the best I could to keep the wounds clean and put a coating of triple antibiotic ointment on it. I have used gauze pads and then some gauze wrap over it. It's not easy to badage up a chicken :p The skin will grow back and feather out in no time at all. Good Luck laugh

#88009 - 06/26/07 11:44 AM Re: Stitching up a chicken????
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I had a hen attacked by a dog that ripped open her side under her wing. DO NOT STITCH! It will cause the wound to become infected. I used liquid baytril (per vet) in drinking water for about a week, kept the wound clean and applied ointment (like neosporin daily). Hen healed and was laying every day again within a week. The wouind was a large tear. Chris


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