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#88733 - 03/26/10 01:12 PM My Chicken is Sick and Now Blind
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I am new to this board and have a chicken that is about a year and a half old. Within the last 2 months she has had diarea, which we started her on garlic oil every 3 days and plain yogurt. This has somewhat allevated this problem, but it's her actions that are now bothering us.

At first the other chickens kept going after her, and it seemed that she would get disoriented and start running around bumping into walls. We started feeding her and keeping her separate from the other chickens and found that her eyes were quite cloudy, and it appears that she is somewhat blind. I say this because she has flown up on the caging around her and landed on the cage with no problem. She almost looks like a robot in her movements.

Now my entire flock has been vaccinated for Mareks, except for her and two other birds. Could this be Marek's? If it is, can it pass to the two other birds? Can it be passed onto the birds that have been vaccinated? Can the birds that have not been vaccinated now be vaccinated? Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. She does not have Fowl Pox because there are no lesions of any kind near her eyes. They are just cloudy.

#88737 - 03/26/10 03:34 PM Re: My Chicken is Sick and Now Blind [Re: B. Howard Family]
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Sometimes they are cloudy because of something other than Marek's. For example, cataracts. Sometimes they get a peck in the eye, and that gets infected and the cornea goes cloudy. I have had birds live a long time while blind, many years. Marek's is all around, so all your birds are exposed already. It might be too late to vaccinate, and they might already be resistant. Marek's in the eye gives a very irregular pupil, not round like usual, and not responsive to light at all. It doesn't get smaller when you shine a bright light at the eye.


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