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#89075 - 04/23/10 07:00 PM Egg Production
Sandy Maran Offline
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I have 26 chickens, and I was averaging about 18 eggs a day. The last few days production is down to 9 to 12 eggs. What can be the cause of this?

#89081 - 04/24/10 11:22 AM Re: Egg Production [Re: Sandy Maran]
CJR Offline
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Breed, age, (hens/pullets) change of feed--or routine--each flock is a little different, according to management, but these are some normal interruptions in numbers of eggs.


#89087 - 04/24/10 10:50 PM Re: Egg Production [Re: CJR]
Morcar Offline

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I've had chickens for only about 10 years, but I've definitely noticed changes in egg laying (as in "drop in egg laying") when there is a change of some sort, like CJR mentioned. With my bantams, all I had to do was clean out their laying box (much less clean out the whole hen house), and that was the end of eggs for almost a week. Change in weather would do it too, particularly stormy, windy, etc.; i.e., abrupt, noticeable, something significant in the change of weather.

#89095 - 04/25/10 10:23 PM Re: Egg Production [Re: Morcar]
Foehn Offline
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Hens deciding to go broody will also change laying patterns.

#89096 - 04/26/10 12:33 AM Re: Egg Production [Re: Foehn]
Wieslaw Offline
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Diseases can definitely cause a sudden drop in egg production. In fact, the sudden drop can be the first sign of many infectious diseases, which can go unnoticed at the beginning.

#89177 - 05/04/10 07:39 PM Re: Egg Production [Re: Wieslaw]
Rooster Dude Offline

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Probably the molting stage of their life. Could also say they are going broody.

#89786 - 06/14/10 07:22 PM Re: Egg Production [Re: Rooster Dude]
Poultry Doc Offline

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It may be late, but I'd like to share my article on "How to Increase Egg Production." I hope it helps.

Poultry Doc

#89809 - 06/15/10 09:39 PM Re: Egg Production [Re: Poultry Doc]
Rogo Offline
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Perhaps there's something in our water! :o)

My birds lay very well for 8-10 years before they slow down. Fertility and egg production are high and doesn't go down much during the moult. I've had no egg bound hens. They've had no prolapses. Their chicks are healthy. I haven't had a sick bird in the 13 years I've had poultry.

I don't vaccinate. The birds roam free on the acreage. No coop. They free choice feed. I've experimented with menus throughout the years, and the fertility and egg laying have always been high. I've always mixed food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) in the feed. It prevents sickness and diseases and has 28 trace minerals.

The last few years I've been feeding Strongpoint dog food, beef and lamb based. No BHT, no BHA, no ethoxyquin, no soy, no corn, no wheat, and no overseas ingredients. Hay is always available. Excess eggs are thrown on the ground to break for the birds.

Six months of the year the sun temperatures here are in the hundreds. Today's reported temperature was 107 degrees F. The reported temperatures are taken in the shade. The temperatures in the sun are 10 to 15 degrees higher, but it's a dry heat! It rarely rains here. The weather has no effect on my bird's egg laying, even when later this summer the sun temperatures will be in the 130s; it's life as usual!

Happy campers here in central Arizona.

#89854 - 06/17/10 09:09 PM Re: Egg Production [Re: Rogo]
Dirt Road Offline

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Hens laying for 8-10 years before slowing down?
Hens which continue to lay right through the moult?
Hens whose egg production is totally un-effected by weather?
I suspect there is something in your water all right but me-thinks it was added in the glass!
Keep up the good work on your strain of chickens. They'll be in high demand once the word gets out.

#89856 - 06/18/10 12:57 AM Re: Egg Production [Re: Dirt Road]
Rogo Offline
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My results are not unusual. And the breed of birds doesn't matter. I know many around here with the same results. One gal has a couple of 19 year old birds who still periodically drop an egg.

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