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#89870 - 06/18/10 11:31 AM Re: Egg Production [Re: Sandy Maran]
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Is your egg production back to normal already? In my many years of servicing farms, the most common causes of sudden drop in eggs are 1. feed alteration and 2. diseases. Feed alteration will manifest fast because the whole flock is experiencing the change en-masse, thus its effect will be seen in total eggs. Common culprits here are calcium content decrease and change in feed major ingredient which puzzled the birds' stomach. On the other hand, the diseases which commonly cause major drop in eggs usually start with drop in feed consumption which will shortly result into egg drop. Most of these diseases are showing respiratory signs in the beginning.


#89876 - 06/18/10 03:52 PM Re: Egg Production [Re: Poultry Doc]
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Nothing in the water, grin. Dotty will be 20 if she makes it to the second of August. She is in a breeding pen now and I have eggs in the incubator. I suspect they will hatch this year too. Because we have had production layers so long, we all sometimes forget other birds have different genetics...not so many eggs all at once, but eggs for many years. Dotty is quechua, from South America....think ameraucana like, but a landrace, not bred to our standards. Landraces tend to be tough and long lived.

#90543 - 07/22/10 12:26 AM Re: Egg Production [Re: Jocelyn]
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20 years seems pretty old for a bird until one remembers that parrots are capable of 50+ years.
My oldest birds are rising 7, so still in their youth by your mature bird Jocelyn smile

#94525 - 02/14/11 06:23 PM Re: Egg Production [Re: Foehn]
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I lost most of my 7 year olds last year. I'm down to one 8 year old now in the old girl stakes......... 20 is incredible.

I took an ailing (cancer) bird into the vet a couple of years ago and she said that they can live past 6 (my birds age) but she does not often see it.

What is a typical "old age"?

#94552 - 02/15/11 09:04 AM Re: Egg Production [Re: Ratbird]
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What is the definition of 'old age' in birds(and generally?)?

In the wild birds the longevity is usually correlated with the birds size. Larger birds live usually longer( also in captivity) than small birds.But there are exceptions(arctic tern). Birds of the size of a chicken can live in captivity between 20-30 years. A 27 years old mallard was shot in the wild, and 60 years old grey heron.

Long time ago I read about an experiment in the US. They started with a flock of 200 or 300 white Leghorns , which lived without any intervention(culling). After 11 years(when the experiment was stopped) there was still around 30 birds living, laying on average 30 eggs a year.

#94558 - 02/15/11 11:55 AM Re: Egg Production [Re: Wieslaw]
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Interesting, if you look at just one life-factor of the birds that have the longest estimated lifetimes. Exercise! That 30 year old banded Arctic Tern had flown, maybe, a million miles in its lifetime! Bet those Leghorns were not tightly confined? Born free.....allows few advantages in this competative world, but we can certainly help our poultry live longer and more productive lives by a type of confinement that allows a lot of free exercise, flight and exploration for the things that chickens like to scratch for!.
Because most of my bantams are for sale, after I have a few generations from the best of them, people are waiting for them, and off they go to do well for another breeder. I have only kept one productive cock for 9 years (brought him from Holland) and he spent several more years before a mishap,in Texas. I now have 3 hens, one still laying, that are 9 years old. They are very active, look like pullets, and will STAY with me! (I am older and having a hard time with exercise!) CJR

#94562 - 02/15/11 12:38 PM Re: Egg Production [Re: Ratbird]
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=== I took an ailing (cancer) bird into the vet a couple of years ago and she said that they can live past 6 (my birds age) but she does not often see it. ===

A vet that sees poultry? Not around here. Not even the avian vets. Altho I haven't had a sick bird in all the years I've had poultry, I've asked the vets why they don't see them. They said it doesn't make sense for folks to pay a vet a lot of money for something that can be replaced to inexpensively!

Perhaps your vet hasn't seen older poultry due to many not taking them to a vet.

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