I don't know what is going on with my turkeys, and I am very worried. Last week my one hen was acting lethargic Monday and Tuesday. When I opened the coop Wednesday, she was dead. At the time I thought she died because my toms stomped all over her trying to mate with her while she wasn't feeling well and couldn't get away. I thought she might have been egg bound. Then today my one tom seemed fine earlier today. Then I realized he wasn't hanging with the other toms and was hiding under a bush. It came on very suddenly. I left to run to the store just a little while ago, and I came back to my other toms were stomping all over him, and he was dead.

I have 13 turkeys now and about 30 adult chickens. As of now, they all seem fine. I looked up West Nile and Marek's disease. Neither seems like the problem. Black Head doesn't seem to be it either.

I love my turkeys, and I can't imagine losing another one. I've had turkeys for 4 years, and these are my first deaths with the exception of an egg bound hen last year. I could really use some advice or some suggestions as to what else it might be. Thanks for any help.