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#101626 - 01/21/12 02:32 PM Re: New Members. [Re: cally]
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Welcome! I just joined The Coop myself. I have three Buff Orpingtons and four Silver Laced Wyandottes. I love keeping chickens and, let's face it, fresh eggs ROCK!
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#101627 - 01/21/12 03:17 PM Re: New Members. [Re: minichic]
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Greetings and welcome to the Coop. Look forward to seeing you around the boards. Foehn

#103134 - 03/28/12 09:50 PM Re: New Members. [Re: Foehn]
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Hi! I am new too. We are getting our chickens from McMurray Hatchery in May, and I am so excited. We are getting three kinds: Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Speckled Sussex, and Araucanas. I got one rooster each for my Speckled Sussex and Araucana hens and got straight run (take what you get) in my Blue Laced Red Wyandottes (a total of 25 birds) plus one free "surprise" chicken.

I also got some ducks and geese, Blue Swedish ducks and Toulouse geese; I got one drake and two ducks and one gander and two geese.

Will I need to keep my ducks and geese separate from the chickens?

We bought a 10 x 10 barn-looking shed from Lowe's and are going to convert it into a large coop.

How large do you build the run for the chickens? Since we live in the Pacific NW in a forested area out in the country, is it safe to free range the chickens in the daytime? How old do they have to be before you put them into the coop?

Any answers to the above and/or advice to a newbie will be very much appreciated!

#103153 - 03/29/12 04:11 PM Re: New Members. [Re: cherylmagill]
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10x10 is home for 12 birds for me! REmember, you will have sacks of Feed, supplies for water, cleaning, that take room also! Don't know how you can coop that many birds as they grow. Ducks are so messy that it would be impossible to keep your coop dry--geese can be pretty dominating over all smaller fowl. Do you have a good book on Poultry, including waterfowl? While they are growing (brood the chicks and ducklings and goslings separately) you will have time to work to the housing and safe runs. While many people keep ducks, geese and chickens together, it takes space and be sure to have alternative arrangements, if they become aggressive to the different birds.

Your chicks need heat in their brooder until well feathered, by then, your weather may be warm enough to put them in their new house......

Free range is very risky in most situations. RAIN in Western WA, WIND in E WA, meanc birds must be in houses a lot of the days. That takes cpace! Muddy runs amean dirty feet and eggs, wet carried into the coop, which for health, MUST be kept DRY. (Ducks and chickens together, make this almost impossible.) HOWEVER, you will work it out and are headed for a great project with a lot to learn, but you will do it and enjoy it!! CJR

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#103161 - 03/29/12 08:51 PM Re: New Members. [Re: CJR]
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Entertaining to read CJR's post as the advice is right on target! The baby geese will seem to grow 10 times faster than the chicks & they will tend to bully the chicks. Excellent idea to have alternate pens or areas that you can seperate the geese & ducks from the chickens as they may need their own "space" to think about laying eggs as the geese can be quite chatty! smile Someone once said that if you withheld water at night when you pen up the ducks, you won't have as much of a mess in the morn. when you let them out & I have done this. NOT as little ones, though! Post some weekly pictures so we can watch them grow! That's a BIG flock you'll be tending to.

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