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#96621 - 05/27/11 10:13 AM new born baby chick bedding
Diansally Offline

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what is the best bedding for new borns

#96624 - 05/27/11 02:10 PM Re: new born baby chick bedding [Re: Diansally]
Maria Ricardo Offline
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Pine shavings, available at your local feed store.

#96626 - 05/27/11 04:29 PM Re: new born baby chick bedding [Re: Maria Ricardo]
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I use newspapers until the chicks (mine are Bantams) are about 3 weeks old (lots of layering of pieces over the soiled areas and roll up and dump when several layers.) They eat a lot of shavings and the bits are not good for babies that need their Starter for a good "start" in growth. When I put down Pine Shavings, I always add a little pile of baby Grit, which will keep the inert stuff moving through and not plug up the system.

I think large fowl chicks can handle the pine shavings earlier.

(Newspapers will NOT cause Splay legs! However, chicks hatched with splay do need textured bedding --and there is shelf or drawer liner rolls that will work for the few days that such chicks need better footing.) Good luck, CJR

#96647 - 05/29/11 06:46 AM Re: new born baby chick bedding [Re: CJR]
Richard in MA Offline
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I use pine shavings shavings as well and have not had problems. The smallest I hatch are button quail, up through coturnix, bantams, pheasants and large fowl. The only time I even had a problem was with a pelleted pine product that swelled when it got wet. I had hatched some Gambel's quail and slowly lost them until I changed the bedding. I first thought it was a pathogen but then figured out that them eating the fine crumbled pellets (looked just like feed) was causing a blockage and they would stop eating and die. Shavings work the best for me.

#96651 - 05/29/11 01:13 PM Re: new born baby chick bedding [Re: Richard in MA]
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I put down a layer of fresh shavings in the brooder, then cover it with newspaper. Then a layer of textured kitchen paper toweling on top of that. When the top layer gets very soiled it comes off. A few shavings find their way through the newspaper, but the spilled feed still stays on top of the newspaper for the most part. Then when the newspaper gets quite soiled it comes off and the chicks are on fresh pine shavings. It works well for me, and the bedding stays reasonably clean for a longer period of time in the brooder.

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#96655 - 05/29/11 04:29 PM Re: new born baby chick bedding [Re: Bushman]
Rogo Offline
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For an order of day-olds from the hatchery, I keep them in my house in a 10 foot x 10 foot fenced area. Empty feed bags are cut open, used on the floor, and changed daily.

Newspaper is slippery and I've been told it will cause splayed legs.

My hens and roosters roam free outside. When my hens hatch eggs, all year around, nothing is used on the ground. The babies follow mom during the day learning to do chick things. At dusk, my hens take the babies back to their nest box and tuck them under her to spend the night. I use large cat litter boxes for nest boxes. The are filled with Bermuda hay and they sit on the ground.

#96712 - 06/02/11 05:29 PM Re: new born baby chick bedding [Re: ]
mtlady Offline
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I've started using "playground" sand on top of newspaper. It has greatly reduced the babies with pasty butts. When it comes to clean up time, there is always some feed in it , so I just dump it out for my free range birds. Also doesn't get into waters
like shavings. Works great.

#96715 - 06/02/11 08:57 PM Re: new born baby chick bedding [Re: mtlady]
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Mtlady, I've started using playground sand in the coop. It's almost like cat litter -- yucky stuff seems to sweep up easier in the evenings.

It has improved the quality of my life.

#96727 - 06/03/11 03:47 PM Re: new born baby chick bedding [Re: ]
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Also check out the tube sand at Wally World or Lowes. Thats the sand they sell to put in your truck for traction in the winter. The tube sand is 60#. If they have any left they usually but it on sale in the spring. If you store it make sure the sun can`t get to it. The outside bag is biodegradable and will fall apart if left in the sun. Kept in the barn or shed or even put a tarp over it and it will be fine. I usualy buy enough to last me all winter when it is on sale. If you can find a Walmart next to a Lowes you can get the best price. They compete against each other. And don`t be afraid to make a lower offer for it. They like to get rid of all the tube sand left over in the summer so they can have new tubes come the next winter. Rog
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#96790 - 06/07/11 04:54 AM Re: new born baby chick bedding [Re: Rog]
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I run newspaper through the shredder (short pieces). Itís soft, it soaks up all the liquid from the Ďpoopísí and itís really easy to clean out because it forms sort of a mat in the bottom of the brooder. I also use a hamster type water bottle so thereís no bedding in the water dish (it takes the chicks about 2min. to figure out the water bottle).

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