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#80468 - 02/21/08 10:42 AM Can you house peacocks with chickens?
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I am looking into getting peacocks and was wondering if the peacocks would fight with the roosters?
Also, does anyone know if you need to get peacocks in pairs?

#80469 - 02/21/08 02:45 PM Re: Can you house peacocks with chickens?
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I raise peafowl with chickens (many breeds, including "game" type chickens) all the time. The peafowl are the undisputed rulers of the coop. The chickens don't bother the tailfeathers at all. I have raised the two species together for about 20 years.

It is not necessary to have a pair, but they will be happier if you do.

Of course, the males don't acquire their full tails until they are 3 years old. The hens will very occasionally lay eggs at a year, but they are usually infertile. Second year eggs will be somewhat fertile, but the hens don't reach their peak fertility until they are 3 years old. They are decent setters and good mothers. They are also very hardy birds, roosting in the branches of the tallest trees through all types of weather.

#80470 - 02/22/08 06:53 PM Re: Can you house peacocks with chickens?
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And there is another side of the story. We tried to raise peafowl with our chickens with disasterous results.The peacock constantly chased and almost killed the roosters. The peahens were no bother.
We also found that they make horrible mothers (unless strictly confined) with no apparent motherly instincts. We now harvest the eggs and set them under chicken hens with 100% results.
Guess you will just have to take your chances.
Good luck.

#80471 - 02/23/08 06:25 AM Re: Can you house peacocks with chickens?
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I house mine with chcikens too, have done that for 30 years with no troubles. My birds are free range, so all stay pretty sane. My pea hens hatch and raise most of their own chicks, although hawks take a few. It might depend on how much space and cover you can give them. Pea hens love huge shrub roses growing in long grass to make their nests in. They love huge clumps of day lilies too.

#98328 - 08/15/11 01:01 PM Re: Can you house peacocks with chickens? [Re: Jocelyn]
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For those in colder climates, did you have to heat your coop in the winter to keep peafowl?


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