For the website I am building for my 4H kids, I am trying to put an example of the recognized breeds of poultry (waterfowl, turkeys, guineas and chickens). Since I only have two varieties of one breed, it's hard to use my own pictures (that and i'm certain by now they know white and silver spangled hamburgs well enough, since they're my examples for everything lol).

If anyone has any GOOD, clear pictures of a good representative of a specific APA breed/variety (no commercial types please), can you please send them to me via email or PM (or share the link to your website and i'll get them for ya!)? Be sure to include what breed/variety in the email that way I can sort through them a little faster.

The images will also be used to make flashcards later on for the kids to study. ( I AM aware of feathersite and other things along those lines, but I am trying to have our site a little more focused on APA breeds and organized in an easier fashion for the kids to understand)

In exchange, I will give you props underneath each of your photos when the website is launched.(be sure to include your name in the email/pm!) I'm trying to get as many pictures as possible, so the kids can use the website for independent study. I can also link your websites (if you have one) on our sponsors page. my email is

Thanks in advance, and you all ROCK.

(we're trying to knock out guineas, waterfowl and turkeys first, if you guys have any of those to send first it would be GREATLY appreciated.)

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