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#98898 - 09/09/11 05:03 PM Severe Respiratory Infection??
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Three days ago I found one of my favorite Roosters sitting in the pasture alone. He was not coming up for feed so I knew something was wrong. When I approached him I coulnd't believe how loud he was sounded like he had a gallon of fluid in his lungs. I quickly isolated him and started searching on line for what this might be. I have never seen anything like this. I checked on here and found several posts (although older) about what seemed to be the same thing. One of the people took her rooster to the vet and after a couple rounds of antiboitics, still no change. I was at a loss but I want to post to let you know what I did to save not only my rooster but a large hen who seemed to be even worse. The symtoms were: fluid in the lungs, crop filled with fluid and air bubbles, gasping for breath but still eating, although very limited. I isolated the birds and gave them each 3000 mg of vitimin C, crushed to powder and mixed with water, which I gave by mouth or a, beak; medicated chicken starter; 1.5cc of Robotussin DM and access to about 3 cups of water mixed with another 2000 mg of vitimin C. The rooster was treated and within 48 hours he is breathing and eathing normal. The hen was treated 24 hrs after the rooster and today is her 48th hour and she too is acting normal with no respiratory issues. I know it sounds strange but for what ever reason it worked. The posters on here were so upset about feeling helpless about their birds being sick. I know there is very little medications out there for our birds. Mine were only hours from dying so there must be something to it. I hope this helps. wink

#98900 - 09/10/11 04:21 AM Re: Severe Respiratory Infection?? [Re: susanstofiel]
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I'm glad your birds are feeling better and thanks for sharing their treatment.

#99600 - 10/17/11 08:13 PM Re: Severe Respiratory Infection?? [Re: Maria Ricardo]
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This is very interesting. Often with a minor case of the sniffles, I do not treat at all. BUt with a minor case, they do not act sick. YOurs sounded very distressed and ill.

I would never have thought to give a chicken cough syrup, but from now on, why not? IF it can help them breathe a bit and give them a bit more time to recover, I think it's brilliant! Good for you!


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