I Plan to get 2 Guinea Hens, 1 Rooster and 9 Chickens of assorted kinds. I am new to this. I have a Rabbit Hutch Built for two rabbits off the front, This wouldn't be a permanent Set up but could they be kept together for a little while, I am only thinking of getting a couple Pheasant or Chukars not both. Could they eat the same foods?
I do not plan on getting all of these birds, Just looking into option on birds that could be kept with my Chickens if I do Decide to add some. I do Plan to make an addition to my coop or build another.
2Ameraucana Roo's
2BarredRocks 2PartridgeRocks
2Black Australorp.2Black SexLinks
8Easter Egg,5Ameraucanas
1White Leghorn,1Spec Sussex
2Guinea Royal Purples
2Peacocks India Blue/Blk Shoulder,1JadeSpalding PeaHen
2Royal Palm Turkeys