This is one topic that gives members a hard time. The first thing that has to be in order to post a pic is; the picture has to have a web address and it has to begin with [ http:// ] and end with jpg, gif, or png. Keep in mind that it also can not be password protected which is the case with many online photo albums.
If your pictures meet the above criteria then all you need to do is click on the "IMAGE" button when you are making a new topic or if replying you will need to click Full Reply Form to have this option. This will bring up a window for you to put the URL (web address) in. Place the URL in the blank and click OK.
We ask that you do NOT place large numbers of pictures or large sized pictures in your posts. Many members and moderators have slow dial up connections. If several pictures are needed we ask that you "LINK" to them. To do this Click on the "URL" button and you can place a link to the pictures in the window that pops up. For reasons I am not sure of you can sometimes link a picture using the URL feature that will not load using the IMAGE feature.
OK clear as mud, right?