I can tell you that the chukars and pheasants have to be kept separate. They are not an easy keep like chickens and guineas. They require a lot time, care and special accomodations.

The chukars can be aggressive, and the pheasants need special care for their plumage. Different feed.

For years, I kept separate pens, and I can tell you that it is a tremendous amount of work...which quickly overshadows any pleasure that you may get from them. The cost of feed is also a BIG thing with game birds.

Guineas are just annoying. They will pick on your chickens, but since there are only two of them, you should be alright. If you see them harrassing the smaller birds, and your rooster is not aggressive enough to keep them away, you may have to get rid of them. Time will tell. It's worth a shot.
Angela Stanley