Need some advice. I bought a dozen started pullets from and individual and a week after bringing them home, our one year old hens are getting sick with Coryza. They have stopped laying, watery eyes, swollen wattles, and some are coughing. Have lost two so far. I have them on antibiotics in the drinking water and am hoping for the best. Can anyone tell me what I should be doing? Been keeping their house really clean and disenfecting it. From what I have read so far, sounds like eliminating the entire flock and cleaning out the house and waiting to replace the flock is the only cure. My hope is that they will get better, then I will let them all hang around so the new Hens can lay this year, then do the replacement next spring when I start new chicks myself.
This is my second year with chickens and unfortunately am learning things like this the hard way.
If anyone can give me advice on what I should be doing different, and also if even trying to nurse this flock back is going to work I would appreciate it.