Hi All,

I've put together the basic framework for a poultry genetics wiki at http://the-coop.org/poultrygenetics/index.php?title=Main_Page.

There is a fantastic amount of information and experience captured in the threads of this board and I'd like to have it curated into an easy to navigate site. I believe this will help further The Coop's mission of educating the poultry community, and I hope it will also help attract others interested in poultry genetics to the conversations here.

If you re not familiar with a Wiki, it is a framework that allows community members to easily create and cross reference content. Contributor's can add and edit content, including text, links and images. The idea is for the content to grow organically based on contributorís knowledge and interests, with the community editing for style and accuracy. I've installed WikiMedia which is the same software used to power Wikipedia.

I would like to invite anyone interested in participating to let me know and I'll grant you acces to work on the page.

  1. Create an account - http://the-coop.org/poultrygenetics/index.php?title=Special:UserLogin&type=signup&returnto=Main+Page
  2. Email me at lhadley at semphonic.com and let me know who you are, what your account name is and that it is ready

I've kept access by "invite" to assure that the folks involved are part of the community and to avoid spam.

At this point, the content and approach is open to discussion and evolution. I initially envision an intro section covering basic genetics and terminology, a detailed directory of gene types (restrictors, melanizers etc.) and the alleles involved, and is perhaps a discussion of color patterns and breeds from a genetic perspective. In addition, a discussion of breeding techniques might make sense - line breeding, in-breeding out-breeding, what makes sense and how to develop a solid breeding program.

What actually develops will be up to you. For now it will be public, but not publicized. I'm working on a complete revamp of the main Coop page and when we have some content in place, I'll publically promote the wiki.

Please let me know if you're interested and I'll get you started as soon as I can. we'll need both content experts as well as conscientious editors and community members to insure the integrity of the information


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