Hello all,

I'm new to The-Coop and to raising chickens; however, I've read much wonderful information here. My 25 5-week-old Dominiques are being raised on medicated feed. They just got moved from their brooder box into their new coop. They've not been allowed into the run yet. All advice I read said to order more chicks that you want, for you'll lose some. I ordered 25; they sent 26; I lost one the second day. So I have 25 active, growing chicks! And I have two questions.
One of my chicks (probably the one who required daily "pasty-butt" cleaning a couple of weeks ago) appears to have a small v-shaped tear on the lower inside part of her vent. The inside of the vent appears to have pinkish fluid, although I can't be certain that it's blood. I thought I'd try Neosporin. But I wonder if she'll have egg-laying problems in the future. Any advice?
Also, I know they're approaching the age for coccidiosis. If they've been on medicated feed, and will continue it for at least three more weeks, how concerned should I be about that?