Hi, I already have a idea in my head as to what I want to do, It is going to be 20x16x8 or 9 ft high I have Pressure treated lumber, the frame is going to be 2x8 and 4x4 posts, there will be some 2x6 and 2x4 for bracing and what not.

I am going to put a door on one of the 16 ft sides in the corner and on the opposite end on the other 16ft wall I am going to sometime over the summer add a small coop just so they have some place to go to get out of the weather, this coop will be build outside of the Aviary with a small entrance for them to go back and forth though, the coop will be prob about 6x8x8 or something along those lines.

I plan to wrap the whole thing, sides and ceiling in 1/2x1/2 hardware cloth, Figured this stuff is pretty strong and should hold up well, I thought about using 1x2 welded wire but I think it is going to cost a bunch, I plan on buying 2 100 ft rolls. I'll prob also put one layer of hardware cloth down on the ground on the inside of the aviary, prob just one pass on the outer edge.

I may cover the top with a tarp for now , and maybe add a roof down the road or cover half and leave half open.

I would like to add some stuff in the inside, I don't know if I should leave the grass, or put wood chips or sand.

What about plants or trees? bushes? How many Peafowl could I keep in this size aviary? I have 2 Males and a female at the moment, I would like to add another female. Thanks
2Ameraucana Roo's
2BarredRocks 2PartridgeRocks
2Black Australorp.2Black SexLinks
8Easter Egg,5Ameraucanas
1White Leghorn,1Spec Sussex
2Guinea Royal Purples
2Peacocks India Blue/Blk Shoulder,1JadeSpalding PeaHen
2Royal Palm Turkeys