Thanks, I plan to landscape the inside, I have thought about sand which doesn't cost much and I have more land then I can use, I could take the sand and spread/dump it somewhere on my property or along my stream.

Wood Chips I can get for free from the saw mill bear my home, They have chips,Bark Mulch and saw dust and once again I can get rid of it no problem.

I have also started working on a 8x10x8 Attached coop.
2Ameraucana Roo's
2BarredRocks 2PartridgeRocks
2Black Australorp.2Black SexLinks
8Easter Egg,5Ameraucanas
1White Leghorn,1Spec Sussex
2Guinea Royal Purples
2Peacocks India Blue/Blk Shoulder,1JadeSpalding PeaHen
2Royal Palm Turkeys