Let me begin by saying, as a rule, don't over think things for your geese. They WILL NOT be very thankful! That said, our geese winter and live most of the year in our waterfowl yards with our ducks. We raise Tufted Romans and Pilgrims and have not found them to have any difficulty with the cold or wet weather. We do provide dog-house type structures as well as a 1/2 round hut shelter them, but during many of the ice storms and snowy days we get here in the midwest, the birds are normally out "enjoying" the weather. I do run them inside the hut and lock them in on a few of the below zero nights of the year, making sure the hut is bedded down with straw, but they will flatten it by morning and be all the madder because they were confined. Our birds have a large fenced area as a general living area, with the houses inside it, but during the day they have access to our back yard and hay fields so they can go where ever the choose, all I have to do in the evening is clap my hands and they come running back to the smaller yard. We leave kiddie swimming pools outside of the pen and have a shallow pans inside for drinking when confined. I will take pictures for you and post them to our blog.