Hi. I have what I think is a sick Faverolle. She is about 10 months old. We have an unheated coop with six chickens. Two Faverolle, two Red Stars, and two bantams. One of the Faverolles (Bridget)...my biggest and usually most talkative chicken... appears to be sick. The last few days, she sits in the corner of the coop and occasionally closes her eyes. If we pick her up and put her outside, she wont really walk around...just kind of stands there. Last night she did get onto the roosting pole on her own...but tonight she just sits on the floor inside the coop. I am not sure if she is eating and drinking...but yesterday she would eat a few dried works. Her comb is pale in color. I am not sure what else to do...or even how to diagnose the problem.

Should I bring her inside the house in a crate or leave her be?

We live in Virginia USA and the temps have been in the 40s these last few weeks. We have had alot of rain so the chickens tend to stay inside instead of coming out. The ground around the coop and their yard has been muddy for days...so I am not sure if that could be part of it. I have not noticed any problems with the other chickens and they others don't seem to bother Bridget.

We are new to chickens...this is our first flock. Any help or advice would be appreciated?