I recently purchased a couple BLR Wyandotte hens and after getting them home a day or so, I noticed one hen was limping. I examined her, and she had bumble foot with a black scab on the bottom of the pad of her foot and a large abcess on the top of her foot. So I read up on it, here and on The Chicken Chick's website, and gathered my supplies. I cleaned and soaked her foot in a warm Epsom salts bath and then soaked in a tub of diluted Betadine. I wrapped her in a towel and draped the tail of it over her head and laid her on the counter near the sink. I soaked a new exacto knife and tweezers in a bleach solution to sanitize them. I made my first incision, and cut around the circumference of the scab. I pulled it out, and with it came a small amount of gunk, mostly liquid and blood. I dug around in there and got everything out I could. I then resoaked the foot in a warm, fresh batch of betadine solution. I applied a small gauze pad and held pressure on it while I looked at the top. I made a one inch incision in the center of the abcess, and my goodness, it just gushed out. I massaged the foot and there it was...a large mass of cottage cheese textured abcess. It came out easily . I soaked the foot in a fresh Epsom bath, messaging the foot. When I felt like I got it all, I did my best to pack her two wounds with triple antibiotic ointment,( with a pinch of Duramycin mixed in ) but there was so much blood it was difficult. I put a gauze pad on the bottom, a gauze pad on the top, and gently wrapped with strips of vet wrap. I took her out to the tractor with her buddy hen and hoped for the best. I bleached everything in the kitchen down, including my hands. I had to hold a small slice in my finger open and had my adult son pour bleach in it. ( I had gloves on, but in my rush to put my knife down to apply pressure, I sliced myself.)

Here is my concern. She did roost that night. I changed her bandages today and reapplied ointment and fresh gauze and bandages. The wounds look good, but she is still favoring that foot and its been two days. I guess I'm just concerned I didn't get it all out. How long does it take to heal? I'm worried that I didn't get it all out, but I know I got ALOT out, liquid and solid. The poor girl hates me now. She pecked me when I went out to get her to change her bandages. I put 1 level tablespoon of Duramycin in a gallon of water and I put out a small container of blueberry yogurt out for her.