Around 11 this morning I discovered my 4 month old Red Cap among my flock was bleeding alot from just above her left knee, where the feathers begin. I cleaned her leg, found the wound and applied a lot of pressure with gauze. When the wound was almost completely stopped bleeding, I wrapped her leg with gauze and tape and placed her in my hospital (dog carrier).
When I went to check on her an hour later she was lying with her legs straight out and unresponsive.
I checked for a heart beat with a stethoscope and found one. Her body was warm. I can't tell if she's breathing. She does seem dehydrated, by checking her skin under her beak.
She's on a heating pad on low, she has a towel on top. I pried her mouth apart and gave her about 4 drops of water with a syringe.
I don't know what caused the injury. She was wounded in this area before and it seemed like it was feather pecking, possibly from other birds in the flock.
Any suggestions for help would be appreciated.