As I write this it may be too late for the bielefelder pullet but onwards: We have a small flock of 3.5 month old birds who are free range. They're on commerical food appropriate for their age, have access to clean water at all times. No overcrowding.

A couple weeks ago a cockerel went down fast, scarcely moved, wouldn't eat and was dead the next morning. His necropsy has not yet come back and the vet was stumped. Animal looked okay (a little cocci) but his heart was ruined which appeared to be the COD. He thought it might be myco but was waiting on more results.

Since then we've been treating the whole flock for 8 days now with an antibiotic which works on myco (can't recall the name specifically, I'm at work).

Today our only bielefelder pullet appears to have the same symptoms, looking weak, eyes closed, not moving much. She looked okay this morning.

The birds have been having sneezing both before and during treatment but no severe symptoms. To me they appear thin but active. They were on amprolium feed up until they were about 3 months old, I think it's time to go back.

I've tried researching heart related infections but am coming up empty handed and it burns me to lose another bird fast and hard, have it be spreading, and not know what it is.

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