Ok, my friend/neighbor has recently taken some chicks that were hatched at her school(where she works!)that were not doing as well as the rest. They are some sort of mixed breed and she currently has 2. One of them was just the picked on one of the clutch. It was perfectly fine, peeping and eating and doing well. My friend and I agreed that the chick would live at my barn instead of going back to the school. That was yesterday...before IT happened. Somehow, the chick's leg went wacky. It at first softened at the joint and became slightly stiff. Then, it "curled" under him where he cannot walk with it. It kind of bent up at the joint. The chick is eating and drinking and being normal - except for his leg. He is not ruffled or showing signs of diarrhea. He simply has a curled leg! Anyone have any thoughts on that one?