Have you ever seen worms in the droppings of your birds--check under the roosts, even in their runs? Do you handle your birds, feel if any seem lightweight or just not looking thrifty?''
If not, probably not to worry. However some climates will harbor worms that chickens will become infected with several kinds of worms, that can be harmful. Many worm their birds regularly, if they live where they are known to have parasites that will weaken their birds, without treatment.

I have wormed my birds several years ago, but never saw any results, indicating that they doubtless did not need it. In my climate, the cold winters with ground frozen for months, may kill the eggs left in the ground of their pens?
If you do decide to worm them, remember, the wormer is POISON, follow directions exactly. Directions may say to toss their eggs for a certain number of days. Then relax and enjoy your healthy birds, that may carry worms, but not a load that imperils their well being. CJR

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