I have 4 ducks (Cayugas) and 2 geese (Pilgrims) and this Spring they will be almost a year old. They have never laid any eggs and I'm excited that they might...but I'm a little worried too!

I have never eaten a duck egg and hear different reports on how they taste. Some people say they're okay, other people say they're awful. I have never spoken to anyone who has ever eaten a goose egg.

My birds do not, at this time, have access to mud or a pond. They get fresh water every day and pellets and hay. I wonder if what they eat will affect the taste of their eggs? I wouldn't know a good duck egg from a bad one, never having tried one before.

Also, about mating, all of a sudden, anytime of night, the geese will start squawking and let out a horrible racket. They used to be absolutely silent all night. Now, I worry the neighbours are going to start complaining! Is this part of mating, because every time I see the male try to mount the female, she gets awfully angry, squawks and lays a pounding on the poor guy. Is this yelling at night part of mating?