Good Show, Uno! As a child, I had no choice about what to eat--on my plate (always served individually at the stove) what was there: EAT IT, CLEAN PLATE CLUB! Well, my Mom did not give full portions of "new" things or those identified as "inedible" by me (squash, sweet potatoes, parsnips--for 15 years!) But I choked them down in small quantities-- Tastes change and I really LIKE them now (add no sugar, please). Traveling World wide, I always eat "native" foods (don't ask-- and strange looking things are delectable). My daughter, who lives in another area, does not eat her Duck eggs--and she cleaned her plate when she ate from my kitchen! Has never tried them! If people could eat Puffin eggs stolen from nest holes, maybe already incubating (they did not have chickens, but naturally loved EGGS), I know I would relish a FRESH duck or goose egg! I will never starve, and would eat grasshoppers, if hungry and no chance for what we call "food" --or other insects that people squeal about! Green, blue eggs do not taste different from white, tan or brown ones, even if eggs of pheasants, quail, turkey eggs, etc. may seem strange!

My Mom had available, via store or friends gifts, Anchovies, smoked rattlesnake, stewed horsemeat, chicken feet, Squab, all kinds of game meat, and game fowl, "weird seafoods, shellfish"==sashima, other unnamed oriental dishes--all edible and never to become favorites, but enjoyed! Odd fruits and vegetables can be offensive to some, but if edible, I will eat them==properly prepared or raw, as recommended! Adventure is in my bones, and adventure includes FOOD.

SO---GOOD FOR YOU, Uno! Can I still believe, that with small differences, an egg is an egg is an egg???