For more than 25 years--no use of cotton (fluff) in display, hackle and wings are the major display, but I do not flock breed, and with LARGE breeding pens with just trios, there actually is no display, just action. Sometimes the males will display a bit for a female in an adjoining pen.

Different breeds--different varieties--different management--all interesting and worth watching and studying!

Only varieties of Dutch Bantams that are Light Brown and their BLB, CLB, BCLB crosses have white fluff. (No Black breasted red in Dutch for more than 50-60+ years in Holland. Body color is different and black hackle stripes were added more than 50 years ago.) In The Netherlands, such a cross, BBRed, would be called a backyard banty,shunned, culled. and their OEGB is totally unlike the American version--actually unrelated and never crossed.) Other varieties of Dutch, such as Mille Fleur, and solid color varieties, have no white fluff and actually may have no "fluff" at all. Yes, it is a part of the tail feathers and not saddle or back plumage. Interesting to read your posts about your birds.