I have a 3 year old red star that appears to have bumble foot. Below is an image of the foot. I am currently doing an epsom salt bath for 15 minutes each day followed by a gauze pad soaked in Vetericyn (all animal). I then wrap the gauze and foot in vet wrap. I have been doing this once a day for the last 4 days with not much change. A friend recommended using a foot bath in Tricide-Neo (its a koi fish ulcer treatment) for 7 to 8 minutes a day. They said they have had very good results with this. I have placed an order for this but it will be a few days before I get it. I don't have access to an avian vet and I don't feel comfortable doing surgery. Is there any other advice for treating this? Should I be giving the bird an injectable anti-biotic? For the most part, other than limping, she is eating and laying...and her color is good.

In the image, you can see the swelling... on the bottom of the foot there is a small dark spot about the side of a ground pepper flake.

Any advice would be most helpful.