Originally I tried to find out whether it is possible to improve quote functions in UBBThreads
Especially in long threads it would be better that a Quote refer by hyperlink to the original posting.
But my enquiry in a UBBThread support forum shows, that there is no really interest to improve their software. In other Forum Boards this function is Standard.
Due to the security risk and the oldfashioned features of this Board (to that price) I would recommend a switch to another forum board.

I want recall again, that they say that there is a security risk in this Board version! It would be very sad if we would loose all these worthfull threads, by a breakdown!!

So I want to suggest to change to another Board.

PhpBB would be okay

Other alternatives are (just a selection)

If You would choose my favorites the IPBoard or Burning Board, I would make a donation for the initial license. smile