I know this posting is very old but I hope there are still longcrower breeders in the group. I have 2 Tomaru pullets, very friendly, very decent sized and calm as can be. They have been a challenge to find, most breeders seem to just have a pair or trio and have had issues raising them. I bought these 2 at a couple months old and they have flourished. I bought 11 hatching eggs, shipped...and have 2 viable chicks that are very active when candled, candled one time at 10 days. They are due to hatch July 4th.

I have located a cockerel to pick up later in July that isn't breeding yet, they won't ship him but I'll be in the area during vacation and will pick him up on the way home.

I think one of the pullets laid her first egg, they are old enough now. So, I bought a black Langshans cockerel that is breeding for them. I was so impressed with the deep, long crow of the breed at a recent show and they are not so far off type for the Tomaru. The Langshans is much larger but then I feel the chicks from this cross will be just a bit larger than the Tomaru pullets (I can live with that) and I'll cull for feathered legs. Other than feathered legs, there isn't much to cull for right off. I'll grow them out and cull again. I'll cull for crowing in the cockerels and for the pullets, I'll compare them to the mothers who are pure and cull for type then later for egg color. The best pullets will be bred back to the Tomaru cockerel and only purebreds from there. I hope the strengths of the Langshans will help to strengthen the weakness in the Tomaru (poor layers) and the genetic pool will be stronger. I'll develop the line from the cross separate from my pure Tomaru's for 5 or 6 more years and if they are good enough, they will be integrated into the general flock.....provided I have a flock then.

If anyone else is breeding Tomaru, please PM me. I am slowly building up a database of breeders in the US