This breed is also a new one for me here in central Virginia. Mine are around 9-10 months old and I have five cockerels and three pullets to work with.

I find it to be a handsome breed and very docile - I can pick up any of them if I walk up to them when they are free ranging. That is not the case with my Yokohamas, Phoenix, Ohikis, Polish etc.

My cockerels are rather quiet throughout the day although I heard one very nice long crow this afternoon followed by the ending "snork". I was caught off guard so I did not attempt to count the length in seconds. One source of information indicated that the best crows are extremely early in the morning and I have not tested out that option as of yet. Also not every crow will be a long one and I think the two year olds crow the longest.

I actually have no problem with the developmental time and breeding/selection processes so I hope to continue to work with them. I have been in contact with the man who worked out the importation arrangements on the European end for the 2002 introduction into the US, and he said some of the best crowing performers were involved in the stock sent here. I truly enjoy working with them and having them included in my diverse poultry projects.