Would you be interested in selling chicks or hatching eggs? Or in a swap? I picked up a cock from a breeder who just has a trio besides the cock I got from her so I have a trio now too and hope to find more lines to work with. I've found mine to be friendly, a little stand offish compared to my others here but willing to eat from my hand and follow me around in the pen. I really love the way they carry themselves, so regal. My pullets are just beginning to lay and I did hatch some, of all crosses, Serama crosses just because I had a Serama cock and his 4 hens in the grow out pen where the Tomaru pullets were growing out.

I would love to stay in contact for sure. My email is fivehillsfarm@gmail.com and I would love to see photo's or video of your Tomaru and discuss ways to improve on what I have already.

We travel through part of Virginia to visit family in Suffolk and travel through on 64 but have taken other routes through there as well.