Yesterday I've got a message from Loren
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Do you have any suggestions on a good alternative? Is this something you have experience with? If we did migrate, do you have suggestions for archiving the existing content?

I've got limited time to spend but will make the effort to make the update if the interest is there. Are there others that should be included in the conversation? Let me know.


Therefore I want to continue the public discussion.

Personally I would suggest Woltlab (Burning Board), as it is one of the best software, but one of the cheapest. Which software would be the best to import the Forum content from this UBB.Threads Forum??
What do You think?
Which software would prefer the active Admins and moderators?

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... alternatives are (just a selection)

If You would choose my favorites the IPBoard or Burning Board, I would make a donation for the initial license. smile