Same here, only my rating might be -1. However, this site has been a most valuable asset to my Poultry projects. I have appreciated every post, regardless of breed or their mixes or country of source. You are all my support and are the unlisted footnotes to the Genetics books I still brouse and study!
While I have printed copies and saved many posts on line, I do not know to file them skillfully and there are many that I can recall, but have not saved. It would be sad, not to be able to access here on this site. A loss to everyone who belong to the COOP.
I can help a little financially, if this is required.

Loren. we are not able to thank you enough for the COOP~~would so like to be in touch with you--have a grandson who has done several service trips to Ethiopia and hopes to go again. Few know how old this person is--and am still working with Mille Fleur and Cream Mille Fleur Dutch,(from Holland) and still have several 8,12 year old hens in CLB, Wh, Ginger, BLB Splash. They have kept me going--and still learning!!!

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