I like something soft in the bottom of the lay boxes to protect the eggs. For that I am currently using cut pieces of a shower mat, sort of rubbery. Then I use shredded paper (long ribbons not cross cut) for nesting material but straw would work well also. The floor of the coop should have an absorbent litter, pine/wood shavings work best. Straw is not absorbent. In the run I built up a deep base of sand. It drains well and is great for dust baths. You never want standing water in the run. I add pulverized lime stone from time to time to keep it from getting too acidic do to the manure. My run has a metal roof protecting it from rain so I also put straw on top of the sand and change the straw every so often removing much of the droppings with it but this is not a good choice if the straw will be rained or snowed on.
I wish you much enjoyment with your new chickens!
Welcome to the Classroom at the Coop!