Foehn, for the first time ever I've had weird leg problems in my last few hatches.

I got some chickens that were quite robust, but wild as the dickens! Their crossed offspring had a high rate of leg weirdness that showed up when they were still teenagers and seemed to affect the young roosters more than hens. It was like they were walking with the knee joint straight, not flexed. They had a very upright, rigid, erect stance because the angle and movement of their leg was unusual.

Nothing else in my chicken keeping had changed, not the food, not the environment. Just the introduction of this genetic line.

Some were more affected than others and those I culled. BUt I noted that the ones I didn't cull eventually grew out of it and their legs went back to normal.

Was it a growth spurt? Was it nutrition related? Was it genetics? Who knows! That's the thing, how do you ever know for sure?

As that genetic fades from my hen house, that stiff leg problem shows up less and less.