I just want to share my email response to Loren to his Email from April 20.

Dear Loren,

thank You for Your response.
Honestly I am totally focused on IP.Board in the meanwhile.
That's called the most comfortable and highly developed Board Software.
is IP.Board based

What do You think about this design of another IP.Board based poultry forum?
Currently, the forum is down, but the reading chicken as icon for the sub forums is great,
That seems to be the original graphic
Color version in icon size

If someone could modify (add a mortar board on the chickens head ) and resize it, this would be the perfect Logo for the Classroom.
A mortar board like this

A short time I thought about Simply Machines ( a free Board Software), but in the demonstration, it shows massive difference to IP. Board
See in (the Screen Casts) in this Posting
In the early time of this thread I thought about Woltlab Burning Board, but it seems to be more complicated

A few days ago I found a company which offer migration services (see forwarded Email).

But I made also enquiries to Woltlab and IP.Board itself regarding the costs for Board migration.
The team of Woltlab Burning Board takes over 1000 $ for the migration service and the IP. Board team migration service "starts at 650$".
I've got no offical quote. For this I have to ask again.
But already Yet it is clear - Either we leave the migration service to gConverter (see forwarded Email),
or if someone ( of the Administration team - maybe Henk? **) of the Forum dare to make the migration, we could save the costs for migration!
The Converter tool from IP.Board is free!
But the converter can only downloaded with a client account
Here is a guide of Invision power for board migrations

To make it easier for me, I copy this Email communication into the Coop thread to start with donation acquisition, if it's okay for You!?
I hope we get together enough money to realize the migration.

** Can You imagine, that he would make the migration to IP.Board? The migration to Burning board is much more complicated, why I would think, that gConverter should do this job.
The total costs are:

$ 175 for Board software
plus $ 225 for migration service
Total $ 400 ($ 175 - if Henk or somebody else can make the migration with the free Converter tool)

Woltlab Burning Board

$ 89 for Board software
plus $ 240 for migration service
Total $ 329

But again - even if we have to leave the migration service to gConverter.
IP.Board would be the better choice, as a guy in this Webworker-Forum has pointed out.

Finally an important question for the preservation of the Forum.
Wouldn't it be a good idea to give him the forum and domain rights? Or do You want to keep the domain, site and forum?
To make it easier for me, I copy this Email communication into the Coop thread to start with donation acquisition, if it's okay for You!?
I hope we come to an arrangement which ensure the preservation of the classroom content and we get together enough money to realize the migration.


PS: In the meanwhile I could arrange, that Sigrid van Dort (http://chickencolours.com/) would create such a Professor-Chicken icon graphic for the Classroom,
like they have/had it at urban chicken forum.