I just got my new chicks today (Buckeyes) and they are under a brooder lamp. Would putting them under a ceramic heater be a better idea? they seem to be very active at night under the lamp. My thoughts are that a ceramic lamp would be more "natural"- they would have normal day/night periods, and they (probably)? would not be eating at night if they were under a broody hen, whereas they are under the lamp. Will all this eating and activity at night predispose them to nutritional problems? I am afraid that if I just take the food away at night with the infrared lamp left on they will peck each other instead.
I am feeding a higher protein turkey starter (28%)rather than regular chick started, as recommended by the ALBC. I did not find any references to restricting the feed intake when on higher protein, but I believe that for the meat hybrids food restriction is the recommended practise. Any thoughts?