One thing I have found that's handy are puppy pee pads. One of these goes under the food and water area and another goes under the brooder lamp. The puppy pad is very absorbent, the chicks can walk on it easily as they can get a good grip and keeps everything very dry. I scatter the crumbles on the pad and the chicks peck at it without help. I do show each of them the water and dip their beaks into it to make sure they all know how to drink. Once is enough for each chick.
The pad is changed as needed. After a couple of days I'll start to put a layer of paper towel over the fresh pad. This paper sandwich is still very absorbent. The second layer of paper towel isn't really necessary but it's completely compostable, unlike the pee pad that has a layer of plastic. The pad will last much longer under the paper towel.
After the chicks can walk easily (a few days) I switch half the area over to bedding. I have both flax bedding and fine wood shavings. The flax is easier for them to walk on, it's almost dust free, but not quite as absorbent as the fine wood shavings. After a week the chicks are entirely bedded on wood shavings, but I keep paper towel under the waterer to keep that area dry. I give the chicks chick grit as soon as I start to introduce other types of food ( e.g. greens, mealworms,) after about 3 days.