Hmmmm. 3 days late, I don't think that's a good sign. There are a lot of very good pictures and photos, even videos of what the candled egg should look like on which day. The first time I candled (it was on day 3, probably too early for a newbie! ) I confused the yolk floating on the white, and thought the white was a whopping great big air sac.....but on day 10 it was easy to see the dark eyes of the embryo and to see the embryo moving around, and to see the air sac with a bit of fiddling. I have a bit of trouble seeing air sacs and find that the easiest way is to candle the egg sideways- and sometimes having the light hit the egg at an oblique angle makes it easier to see. By the day of hatch the embryo fills most of the egg so it should appear very dark. Four chicks are stil lots and I am sure they are very cute!