Short answer yes, long answer; antibiotics may not be the correct treatment. It is very hard to know what is the best treatment for our birds. Symptoms are so very general and could apply to many illnesses. Loose droppings can be for many reasons and could be normal. Has this been going on long? Has she lost weight? Is she bright and alert?

The following can be purchased at most feed stores.
3/4 tablespoon of Terramycin ( Oxytetracycline ) to a gallon of water = the 600 mg dosage. Half way between the 400 to 800 mg suggested on package. If you have a small postal scale the amount would be .375 ounces. Its the amount I use when using Terramycin. What I buy is from Pfizer and comes in a 6.4 ounce pack. If your package is different this may not be correct.