after 10 years of hanging out in the shadows breeding small numbers around 50 or so chicks a year ive decided to start selling some of my surplus birds ive exclusiveley used birds direct from lejean marshall year after year he has giving me 100% access to any of his birds also being a great mentor and also a great friend ive learned more from him then one could grasp i always leave his house with more questions i wish id have asked but theres always next time back to the reason for the post after 10 years i think ive bred my style of dutch that i like so im ready to come out of the shadows as of right now i have a old light brown cock from lejean that is extremeley dark mahogony in the hackle and saddle so im using him on some blue light browns to darking up the hackle in the coming months i'll be posting pics also im not sure if theres a club stiil but id love to join if anyone has info