Dutch Bantam Society, Jerrod Alcaida, Sec/Treas, DBS
10814 131st ST NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98329

Have to look up Society website address, with membership applocation.

L Marshall has some of the best Dutch available. However, breeding DARK to get an intermediate hackle color is not the best way. You will get better results by always using correct color or pattern with the ones you want to improve.--without adding genes of a color you do not want to express. It is a never ending and great project to continue to work with a breed and its varieties!! (I have more than 25 years with Dutch,and now only keep and breed Mille Fleur and Cream Mille Fleur Dutch. LeJean has my last BLB and LB males--from imported very good birds, as well as his own good lines of early US Dutch!)

Here it is: http://www.dutchbantamsociety.net