On Superbowl Sunday (Feb 6, 2016) I found Lil Red Riding Hood with the string of a feed bag wrapped around her foot and frozen to the ground! We have terrible harsh winters in Wyoming with winds blowing 30-70mph, daily. I didn't shovel the snow in the pen and the day was mild so we had melting and freezing so her string froze her right to the ground. I brought her in and put her in the dog kennel with shavings for 2 hours to slowly warm her then I began the foot soakings in warm water (per everything I was reading). She told me the Bronco's were less threatening than the Panthers so they were going to win, I posted her on Facebook and the crowd went wild grin She was an instant hero when they did win crazy smirk Next day she got a full bath and hair dryer while I took a good long look see. Her feet were completely black and lifeless, like branches. No sign of life. I just couldn't give up on her, I had to try. Day 10 one foot fell off at the drumstick. No infections, red comb and head. Very kinda gross although no blood, weird. She couldn't balance and wouldn't eat or drink unless I put it right in front of her. She didn't move from the far corner for 3 days. I said my goodbye's last night and My hubby shot her this morning and said the other foot fell right off too.
I am telling my story because I just want to share what I had to learn the hard way. If the feet are black and lifeless just do the culling immediately, it will be a lot easier on you. I am such a mess today, we bonded but in the end I know that was no life for her. Also, pick up those strings from the feed bags if you have blowing wind like we do, it could have been from 80 miles away or it could have been our own, regardless pick them up. Also, do the necessary snow shoveling in the pen. I admit I have gotten lazier in my 12 years.
Missing lil red frown
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