HD Chick, sorry for the loss of your hen. Barnyard hazards are everywhere! Binder twine is another one to keep an eye on. We never take it off a bale and toss it. every single piece if knotted and stuffed in a designated bag. Where we can get it later, to mend a fence of tie up tomato plants.

I have never had the frostbite on toes as you have experienced, but I do get it on the rooster combs. For this reason, as Robbie has said, I lean towards small combed mutts. Even though my coop is heated (red heat lamp) I think when the birds eat and their combs brush the cold metal feeder, that's what does it. Otherwise why would a rooster who spends 50% of his time in a heated hen house get frostbite? Makes no sense.

Either way, I am sorry to hear this and hope it never happens to you again.